Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

Junmai Gura

Founded in 1625, Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery has the longest history and tradition in Kanazawa. They make sakes using only fine quality sake-rice from their contract farmers and blessed water “Hyakunen-sui”.
With these natural ingredients and brewers' skills, their sakes are brought to perfection. In order to provide the best taste of sakes to their customers, they will continue to pursue to bring the highest quality sakes ever as "Junmai-Gura", the brewery that makes only Junmai sakes.

Brewery Location: Kanazawa

Kanazawa is known as a castle town that has developed its own
unique culture such as craftsmanship in kimono, gold-leaf
production, lacquer craft and ceramics. Additionally, surrounded by
the sea and mountains, the area also has enjoyed a rich food culture,
and the people possess high standards of taste. This environment
heightened the quality of Fukumitsuya's sakes.

Water Source

Hyakunensui, "one-hundred-year-old water" in English, is the water
used to brew our sakes since the establishment of our brewery. It
begins as rain and snow falling at the foot of Mt. Haku. This water
spends at least 100 years slowly filtering through deep underground.
It then reaches the well of our brewery imbued with minerals that are
necessary for fermentation.

Special Rice

Since 1960', Fukumitsuya has worked with farmers even from the
beginning stage of developing the soil in order to harvest the best
rice for sake . Mainly four types of sake rice are used to brew sakes,
Yamadanishiki, Kinmonnishiki, Gohyakumangoku, Fukunohana.
Each of them is selected and the amount used is controlled in order
to produce various types of sake.

Yamadanishiki-Often referred to as the finest sake rice. Tends to produce a fragrant sake.

Kinmonnishiki-Used to make aged or full-bodied types.

Fukunohana-Tends to produce well-rounded sake with distinctive flavor.

Gohaykumangoku-Tends to produce a clean and dry type of sake.

Traditional Skills

At Fukumitsuya, traditional sake-making skills the brewers have passed down from generation to generation, and they understand the importance of maintaining and improving our techniques to provide the taste of real sake to everyone. Their skilled brewers listen to what nature provides and understand what to do. This process can never be replaced by machines.