KOBE SAKE 720ml 08048
KOBE SAKE 720ml 08048
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KOBE SAKE 720ml 08048

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Brewed in the Nada district of Kobe, Japan

A revolutionary new sake "Kobe" is born. With a premium ginjo aroma, it can be enjoyed casually as a cold sake. Its alcohol content is 11.5%, as light as wine. For some that experienced sake with a harsh taste, Kobe Sake it's surprisingly smooth and crisp. Kobe Sake can be enjoyed in a variety of cocktails. This is because the brewer's skill results in a fine balance of distinctiveness and taste.

The city of Kobe is known as the oldest sake-producing area (for 700 years), with more than 25% of all sake produced in the entire country. Sake made in Kobe is believed to be the best because of its excellent local weather, the quality of its rice and water, and the skill of its brewers.

Tasting Notes

A dainty and easy drinking ginjo style sake with a carefree appeal. Attractive aromas and flavors of pineapple, melon rind, almond milk, and a hint of rice paper and candy with silky jicama, sugared white strawberry, and plum.

Label Design

The background is the image of the Port of Kobe, one of Japan's five greatest ports. Opened in 1867, it was one of the first ports to embrace Western culture throughout the Meiji and Taisho periods. The two figures portray the high-collared and fashionable lifestyle of the day, with men wearing tuxedos and women wearing colorful kimonos.


Target Audience

  • Patrons who frequently eat Japanese food but have never tried sake, particularly cold sake.
  • Those who enjoy light wine, such as Pinot Grigio. Catered to those who prefer less alcohol content.
  • Ideal for 20s to 30s age group. enjoy light fruit cocktails.

 Three selling points that you definitely don't want to forget

  • When compared to traditional sake, the alcohol concentration is modest, making it exceedingly easy to drink.
  • Pairs perfectly with oily, heavy, rich foods. KOBE SAKE marvelously cleanses the palate.
  • By using their blending technique, they can maintain great aroma and balance with low alcohol content.

Pairing recommendation

Sushi, sashimi, Fish Dish, Meat Dish, Fruits, Cheese, Shrimp dish, Crab dish, Shellfish, and can be enjoyed as an aperitif


  • ABV: 11.5%
  • SMV: +3
  • Polishing Rate: 78%
  • Best Served: ICE, CHILLED, ROOM TEMP.
  • SKU: 08048    12/720ml
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