KIZAKURA PERLE 500ml 05515
KIZAKURA PERLE 500ml 05515
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KIZAKURA PERLE 500ml 05515

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Kizakura Brewery 

Kizakura is one of the largest Japanese sake breweries in Japan. Such a leading company creates Japanese sake with three core pillars. 

1. WATER - Fushimizu” water is used for all of our sake. This water is obtained from our water-well in Fushimi, Kyoto. This water is semi-hard water and containes appropreate amount of mineral. Sake brewed with this water tend to be more soft, smooth and silky. This is the reason why Fushimi sake is called “Female sake”. 
2. RICE - All rice which we use are made in Japan. We also purchase rice from some contracted farmers who are renowned as their method extremely close to organic. Rice conditions change every day, every moment. To make quality sake, we polish rice by ourselves, and control each brewing process. 
3. CRAFTMEN - Master brewer who controls all sake making process is called “Toji (杜氏) ”. Generally one brewery has one Toji, and we have two Toji for two breweries in Kyoto. They have a lot of experiences of Sake brewing and were selected by Kyoto city as key persons to pass down precious historical techniques to next generations.

Kizakura Perle

Perle is the first product for Kizakura which made with a wine yeast. Kizakura has a rich history and high skills in the field of making Japanese sake, but this project was very tough and took a long period - 5 years. Even though both wine and sake are fermented products, the fermentation process is totally different. Depending on yeasts, compatibilities with rice differed and we had to find the best yeast that fits together well with rice by ourselves. After repeated uncountable try and error, we finally arrived at the final yeast.

"Perle" means "Pearl" in French and it was named after its very velvety and silky mouthfeel. It has an iconic aroma reminiscent of white wine, and contains more amount of acid than other basic sake that provides distinguished taste well balanced with tartness and sweetness.

Tasting Notes: An iconic aroma remiscent of white wine. Complex taste like berries, peach, apprecott, lemon and flowers. Well balanced with sweetness and tartness.

Pairing Recommendation: Pour well chilled Perle into the wine glass. Recommend to drink as apéritif or pair with rich desserts such as Gâteau au chocolat.

Recommended Sake Temperature:


  • ABV: 8%
  • Acid Degree: 3.0
  • Rice Polished: 70%
  • SMV: -35
  • Yeast: Special wine yeast
  • Sweet/Dry: Extremely Dry
  • SKU: 05515 6/500ml
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