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This organic Junmai sake is certified under the organic system of Japan, the United States, and the European Union. It has a soft mouthfeel, a generous flavor, and a rich, full-bodied taste. 


"Hyakunensui", is used to brew this sake, begins as rain and snow falling at the foot of Mt. Kakusan. The water spends a least 100 years slowly filtering through the deep underground. It then reaches the well of the brewery, blessed with minerals that are necessary for fermentation. Two types of organic sake rice are used; "Yamadanishiki" and "Fukunohara". It's very rare since the cultivation of organic sake rice is still very few. Fukumitsuya has been cooperating with sake rice farmers since 1960 and started cultivating organic sake rice in 2006. Kagatobi Organic Junmai is the fruit of these two natural ingredients and the brewing skills of Fukumitsuya. 


The green bottle, logo, and shoulder label express the generous taste of organic Junmai made with natural sake. The large "thunderbolt in the clouds" pattern on the label was dyed on the long robe worn by "Kagatobi," the in-house firefighters in charge of the Kaga Clan's Edo residence, and has been used as a symbolic logo since the birth of the brand. 

Target: Health-conscious consumers who enjoy products produced naturally without the use of synthetic chemicals. Organic eaters. Wine enthusiasts. 

Rigorous Organic Certification 

The rice used must be JAS-certified organic, which is given to agricultural products that have been grown in certain fields for at least three years without pesticides or organic fertilizers. 

  • All processing, from washing the rice to bottling, must be carried out in a processing plant that is certified to have an environment and manufacturing method that meets organic certification standards. 
  • For certification, inspectors from the certifying organization visit the farmland and processing plant directly to conduct a rigorous on-site inspection. 
  • In order to maintain certification, an on-site inspection must be conducted once a year. 
  • Only after these strict conditions are met can organic certification be obtained, and sake can be sold and exported with the "organic" or "organic" label. 

Food pairing: 

Goes well with any dishes using soybeans or sesame (Egg, Grilled Tofu, Tofu Salad, Goma Tofu or Hot Pot with sesame sauce) or grilled with any white fishes or vegetables. 

Serving temperature: 

Serving any temperature. Cool (10-12°C), Room temperature (around 20°C) or Hot (40-45°C)