HWAYO SOJU 23% 375ml 05096

HWAYO SOJU 23% 375ml 05096

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HWAYO, a leading traditional Korean premium Soju crafted from the purest rice, embodies the very heart of Korean culture since 2003. Its name, 'Hwayo,' meaning 'Noble & Fire,' perfectly encapsulates Korea's blend of sophistication and passion, mirrored in its culinary delights and cherished traditions. What sets HWAYO apart is its commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation. Through time-honored techniques like 'Onggi' maturation, where spirits age in porous clay pots, each sip of HWAYO is infused with layers of aroma and flavor that reflect Korea's rich heritage.

Product Description

Due to unique and rich aroma of rice, HWAYO23 is smooth when swallowing.
HWAYO23 is the most loved product among HWAYO products, thanks to the great balance. We recommend drinking HWAYO23 at various temperatures because you will find different charm.

Tasting Notes

Full-bodied with savory grains




Distilled alcohol batch (Rice), Water

NOSE: Aroma

Richer aroma and strength can be noticed compared to HWAYO17. Rich aroma of ripe grains and fruit,abundant grain and flower aroma, clean.


Flawless clear

Recommended Sake Temperature

Chilled, On the rock, neat

Distillation Process