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Unkai Shochu Distillery


Producers of the first soba shochu. Gokase Shuzo Co., Ltd. was renamed Unkai Shuzo Co., Ltd. in November 1967. After developing corn shochu, they created and marketed Japan's first soba shochu, "Unkai," in October 1973. Unkai Shuzo Co., Ltd. was established in 1978, and the head office was relocated from Gokase Town to Miyazaki City in 2004.

Unkai Community

Unkai Shuzo has breweries in Gokase Town, Aya Town, Takaoka Town, and Izumi City (Kagoshima Prefecture), each of which does full-scale shochu brewing. We are chasing the unique taste of the brewery by making the best use of nature's bounties with the philosophy of "drinking real shochu is to taste the brewery and nature."


Water that rained on Mt. Gion 430 million years ago springs up as near there distillery is used for preparation and bottling. Soft water with little alkalinity, nearly no contaminants, and is a divine blessing that allows us to produce our soba shochu.

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  • UNKAI SOBA SHOCHU 750ml 00044