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Isa City in Kagoshima Prefecture was known as a famous
shochu production area. In 1970, 11 shochu breweries in the area formed a
cooperative to improve the quality of their shochu, stabilize the market, and
ship outside of the prefecture. The company was reorganized as a joint-stock
company in 2007.



Oguchi Shuzo's management philosophy is "to produce authentic shochu of the highest quality," "to value harmony and nurture people," and "to contribute to the community and be loved by the community. The company's name is derived from the name of a place called Oguchi before it became the current city of Isa.

The Traditions and Climate of the Brewery

Isa City, Kagoshima Prefecture, where the Oguchi Shuzo
Brewery is located, is a natural environment suitable for the production of
shochu, surrounded by clear streams, mountains, and a cold winter climate known
as the "Hokkaido of Kagoshima. Isa City is also known as the home of
shochu, and is home to Koriyama Hachiman Shrine, where the oldest document in
Japan with shochu writing was discovered.

We are dedicated to making delicious shochu with a deep
history of shochu and the rich natural environment that is unique to this region.

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