Kumesen brewery


1970: Nakazato Shuzo Limited Partnership established

1975: Started shipping to Okinawa main island

1983: Started shipping to mainland Japan

1987: Kumejima no Kumesen built an office on the main island
of Okinawa.

1993: Changed the company name to "Kumejima no Kumesen

2003: Sold in all 47 prefectures in Japan

2005: Started full-scale overseas shipments

2020: Obtained ISO 22000 certification.


Uejo, northern part of Kumejima, where famous water gushes out. Once upon a time, a beautiful woman would appear at dusk and serve sake to young people returning from field work, inviting them to enjoy an inexpressible intoxication. People rumored that this was the work of a hermit living on Mount Uejo (a mountain on Kume Island). The name "Kumesen of Kumejima" was given in honor of the legend of the "Hermit of Kume."

The Traditions and Climate of the Brewery

We are particular about water. We use 100% natural spring
water from the underground of Kumejima Island for the preparation of
ingredients and all manufacturing processes. All production is carried out in a
state as close to nature as possible. All of this attention to detail is a
characteristic that enhances the flavor of the ingredients.

Featured collection kumesen

  • KUMESEN AWAMORI 750ml 06994